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Updated February 14th, 2004

            Welcome to Alpha-Zulu Games! I'm Kizig, and this website houses the free roleplaying games I've designed, Alternacy and Mnemonic. Originally online in the late 90's, AZ-G has been back on the web for more than a year now and is going strong. Use the links below to find out more about roleplaying, Alpha-Zulu, and the free games you can read and download here.

FAQ Answers to commonly asked questions, including my take on the ever popular "What is roleplaying?"

Mnemonic A very rules-light, universal storytelling game. Mnemonic is recommended for people who are new to roleplaying and those who want to emphasize story and character over game play.

Alternacy A flexible, universal, medium-weight roleplaying game. Recommended for those seeking a more traditional roleplaying game experience.

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A-ZG has a new forum. Look here for news updates, post your questions and comments about A-ZG and the games, list want-ads for players, or just chat about gaming. Opens in new window.

Resources Links to supplemental materials for the games, play reports, etc. Includes images for linking back to A-ZG. Looking for submissions!


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