This area contains links to other webpages, particularly those that provide support or complementary materials for Alternacy and Mnemonic, and images you can use to link back to Alpha-Zulu Games. If you'd like to provide campaign notes and write-ups, NPC's, rules variants, or anything else (translations would be especially appreciated), please let me know. If you don't have a webpage you can still post thoughts or game descriptions in the forums.

          Right now I have a couple of links specific to Alpha-Zulu here. One is a commentary and rules adjustment for Alternacy, the other a Finnish/English game system heavily based on Mnemonic. If you know of anything else I should be aware of send me an email:



Alpha-Zulu Links.

October 1999 Ruleslawyer for Free.

          Sergio Mascarenhas, a columnist at RPGNet, once wrote an article about Alternacy. He said some kind things about the game, but provided an alternative system for crunching the numbers during character creation and skill adjustment. I need to give his options a more thorough testing, but at glance they seem workable. His goal was simplification of a rather math-intensive process. I think he's done some good work, though his method is more "coarse-grained" in that he uses broader responses for the creation questions. His adjustment option is almost certainly easier in terms of effort than my own, though I will point out that he made an error in reading Alternacy's rules (I think he conflated DL Mod and a skill's score). I like what he's done, though, and I'm happy to provide the article as an option.

          Incidentally, Sergio's column was originally meant to profile and provide variants for different rules systems. Readers seemed to get confused, expecting reviews, so he moved on to general discussions of design. He was working at creating a roleplaying game online, The Travels of Mendes Pinto, though I don't think the project is ongoing. His game is based on the book of the same name, the memoir of a Portugese freebooter in 16th century Asia. Sergio did some interesting work, take a look at TTOMP. The book's good, too, I've read it and highly recommend it.


The System Called "Bob"

          I discovered this right before Alpha-Zulu's return to the web last year, a game by Finnish designer JurviZ that uses ideas from Mnemonic for some of it's core mechanics and concepts. It's interesting stuff. He abandoned the mnemonic devices themselves and made a move towards more consciously recognizing dramatic considerations in character creation and action resolution. There are pages in both English and Finnish.

          I'm flattered. Mnemonic never really took off the way I'd have liked during AZ-G's last incarnation. It was only available for a short while and, I think, it appeals to a narrower segment of the traditional roleplaying community than Alternacy does. It makes me happy any time someone shows it some favor, and since the author is upfront about Bob's roots, I'm thrilled! Check it out if you're into Mnemonic, maybe you'll find some interesting variations.

          By the way, you may remember that when I first resurrected the site I had no idea who the designer of Bob was. I'm happy to report that JurviZ actually tracked me down last December and we exchanged a few emails, he has a new project up called Good Better Best. That's something I've always enjoyed about hosting A-ZG, the way you wind up sharing ideas and having your work read by people around the world.


A-ZG Link Images.

          If you're interested in linking to Alpha-Zulu you are welcome to use any of the images below. I'm just as grateful for a text link, of course, but these are available if you'd like someting a bit more distinctive. Just right-click on the one you want to save it to your computer.


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          The premier source for anything game related. RPGNet covers hobby news, reviews, articles, and extensive forums. I post very occasionally to the Art of Game Design, give me a holler if you see me in there.

          Home of some outstanding tutorials that got me started with html. Don't let my idiosyncratic coding fool you, they're very good!

          Alpha-Zulu Games is hosted by Doteasy, which provides free basic webhosting when you register your domain name through them. You can also get more advanced features for a reasonable fee. They've provided me with great service for more than a year now, if you're looking for a host check them out.


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